About Us

Shanghai Limkokwing School is a Chinese school with an international perspective, the school is a non-profit bilingual school.The school covers an area of about 60 acres, with a building area of about 20,000 square metres, and the main body is divided into Houde Building, Duxing Building, Shensi Building, Mingjian Building, Zhiyuan Building, Boxue Building and Siyuan Building. The school has a beautiful environment and first-class facilities, including library, physics laboratory, chemistry laboratory, art studio, drama performance room, multi-purpose hall, auditorium, student activity centre, outdoor sports field, basketball court, tennis court, restaurant, supermarket, etc. The school adopts a combination of Chinese and Western teachers to teach, pays attention to the personalized development of students, and creates a characteristic school based on traditional Chinese classic culture and creative and English as the two wings.