NO.588 Gaojing Road, Shanghai, Shanghai Real Estate School.

Phone Number


Application Process

Official website: or Phone: +86-021-80117114

Test fee: RMB 200 (On-line payment upon registration, no cash please)

Arrive at the test center ahead of time, sign in > pick up admission ticket & registration form & activity arrangement > enter the examination room > to start the examination (please be sure to arrive at the test center 30 minutes earlier)

Application materials:
(1)1-inch photo (name on the back)
(2)Valid ID copies (Citizen ID, Passport, Student ID )
(3)Copies of Artwork, Certificate of awards and proficiency
(4)Students should prepare their own test instruments, i.e black-ink pen, pencil, ruler, calculator, eraser, etc.

We will finish the grading and comprehensive assessment within 5 working days, record the grade and admission results within 7 working days and send admission notice within 10 working days.