Cores and Electives

Students should choose courses according to their own interests and advantages. If the future direction has been determined, students can also choose courses according to their major in the future university.

English (ESL), Math, PE, Chinese, STEAM, Physics, Global Perspective,Music, IELTS are required courses in G1 & G2. The course is a two-year program and cannot be abandoned for any reason. Students can choose subjects from Science and Humanities, and Innovation and Career.

Students enrolled Spring semester will be offered Pre-A-Level curriculum, including English, Math, Physics, Chemistry, PE.

At Pre-A-Level, English (ESL), Math, PE, Chinese, Physics, Economics, IELTS are mandatory and choose one from Chemistry and Art Design.

At AS, English and Math are mandatory and students could choose three or four courses from Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Business Studies, History, Geography, Psychology, Computer Science, and Art Design. (See AS course selection table for detail) 

At A2, English is mandatory and students can choose at least three courses from IELTS/Academic English, Advanced Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, History, Geography, Psychology, Computer Science, Art Design.

This curriculum offered every year is determined according to the teaching arrangement of that year, and the final interpretation is retained to the Academic Affairs Office.